Are you feeling nervous about your pet’s upcoming operation?

When it comes to surgery, we make a concerted effort to make every procedure a positive experience. By eliminating stress and anxiety and reducing your pet’s pain, the entire process will go more smoothly. Our doctors and support staff have years of experience performing pet surgery, both routine and advanced. More importantly, we will go out of our way to cater to your loved one’s safety and comfort at all times.

Surgical Preparation

As part of our commitment to keeping surgery as safe as possible, we recommend pre-surgical screening before any scheduled procedure. This allows us to identify potential risk factors that may be unique to your pet. Should anything be discovered, we can then prepare ahead of time to avoid possible complications. We’ll also develop a pain management strategy that is designed specifically to keep your loved one comfortable before, during and following the procedure.

Your Pet’s Surgery

When you drop your pet off the morning of surgery, we’ll be here to answer your questions and discuss any last minute concerns. In the meantime, your pet will be welcomed with open arms and plenty of cuddles from our care team. Once settled in, we will begin preparing for surgery by gently administering the pain medication to help usher your pet into safe sedation. At that point, we will relocate to our surgical suite to begin the procedure.

During surgery, the doctor will work with diligence and precision to complete the procedure as efficiently as possible. Our hospital is outfitted with modern monitoring equipment which will be used throughout the operation. This allows us to keep a close eye on your pet’s vital signs and also measure his or her pain levels to ensure optimum comfort. You can rest assured that your companion will be well cared for with us.

Post-Surgical Care

Following surgery, we will contact you to discuss how the procedure went and arrange a time for you to come retrieve your pet. While awaiting your arrival, we will continue to monitor your pet’s wellbeing. Prior to bringing your companion home, we will carefully go over our post-surgical care instructions with you. If necessary, this will include an appropriate plan to manage your pet’s pain during the recovery process.

Feeling uneasy about an upcoming pet surgery? You can be confident trusting Bell Animal and Bird Hospital for all of your surgical care needs. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help you!



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