Key Safety Tips For Kids And Kitties

Kitties are wonderful pets. Our feline pals often become unofficial nurses for our children, and can offer them love, friendship, and cuddles. However, things don’t always go smoothly between Fluffy and her young friends. Here, a Glendale, AZ vet lists some key safety tips for children and cats.

Start By Saying Hi

First impressions are a very big deal to cats! Show your child the proper way to introduce yourself to a cat: hold out a hand or finger for Fluffy to sniff, and then talk to her in a gentle, friendly tone.

Don’t Pick The Cat Up

Little kids are often quite clumsy, especially around that adorable toddler stage. Your youngster may try to pick Fluffy up for some cuddles, but may not be strong or coordinated enough to hold her properly. This can actually be dangerous for both your child and your pet. Picking the cat up should be off-limits for young children.

Stay Calm

Cats are quite easily spooked, and are often frightened by loud noises or sudden movements. Teach your youngsters not to shout, jump, or stomp around Fluffy.

Be Gentle

It’s never too soon for kids to learn to be very, very gentle with Fluffy. You don’t want your little one to find out the hard way that pulling that floofy tail is a good way to get scratched!

Never Chase The Cat

Children are often (understandably) smitten with our feline pals, and may try to chase after them. This will only frighten Fluffy, and make her even more wary. Make sure your kids know to let Fluffy decide when it’s cuddle time.

Body Language

Kids should also learn about kitty body language. If Fluffy flattens her ears or lashes her tail, she’s clearly not happy, and may be about to attack!

Don’t Dress The Cat

Dressing Fluffy up may sound like fun to a child, but it can be both scary and uncomfortable for the cat. It can also be dangerous!

Don’t Feed Fluffy

Many popular foods are toxic to cats. A young child may not understand that, however, and may think that it’s only polite to share a snack with Fluffy. This can be very dangerous! Make sure your child knows not to feed the cat without asking.

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