Dogust – Celebrating Shelter Dog Birthdays

Did you adopt your canine buddy from a shelter? Good for you! We love seeing dogs getting second chances. Shelter dogs are also often very loving and loyal, likely because they understand that they have been rescued. Of course, if you got Fido from a shelter, it’s unlikely that you would know his actual birthday. That’s why August 1 has been declared Dogust: the universal birthday for shelter dogs. A Glendale, AZ vet offers tips on celebrating Fido’s birthday in this article.


No birthday party is complete without cake! Just stick to ingredients that are safe for Fido, such as peanut butter and pumpkin. You can also make your furry friend a muttloaf, or some pupcakes. Look online for recipe ideas.


Your pup will also enjoy some more traditional snacks. Store-bought doggy treats are fine. You can also offer Fido some plain, cooked meat, fish, or chicken, without the skin, bones, or fat.


Your loyal pet definitely deserves a few presents! Toys and treats are at the top of the list, but they aren’t the only options. Consider getting your canine pal a comfy new bed. Or, if you have a yard, get your furry friend a kiddie pool or even his own doghouse.


Pick up a new toy for your furry buddy. There are some really cute options now, such as mechanical ball launchers and automated laser pointers.


Toys are great, but playtime is even better! Dogs are very loyal, and really want nothing more than to spend time with their humans. Indulge Fido with a fun play session. This will be fun for you both!

Doggy Adventure

Get Fido’s cute tail wagging by taking him on a fun excursion to a pet-friendly park. Or treat your pooch with a trip to a doggy café for a special snack.


This is a great chance to get some really cute photos of your four-legged friend. If you have a smartphone, download a pet photo app. These have specific settings that work great for snapping adorable shots of our furry companions.

Giving Back

Helping animals always feels great. Consider donating money or supplies to a local shelter in honor of your canine companion. We’re sure Fido would approve!

Please reach out to us, your Glendale, AZ vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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