How To Tell if Your Cat is Happy

Cats are quite perplexing at times. Fluffy tends to bite and scratch affectionately, yet will sometimes walk away when you want to pet her. We all know that the purr is commonly accepted as the most obvious sign of kitty contentment. However, that little motor isn’t the only way for you to tell if your feline buddy is content. A Glendale, AZ vet lists a few others below.

Purrfect Greeting

Kitties may act aloof, but they actually get quite attached to their owners. If Fluffy runs to greet you when you get home, and demands that you pick her up or pet her, your furball is probably content.

Liquid Kitty

Our feline pals are very, very good at getting comfortable. However, a relaxed kitty will be much bolder in her choice of napping spots. Does your cat like to sprawl out on your desk, drape herself over the back of your sofa, or just plop down in the middle of the room? If so, that’s a good sign, as it indicates that your furball is comfortable enough to sleep out in the open without fear.


Kitties are naturally very curious, if not downright nosy. Happy cats enjoy closely monitoring their kingdoms and ‘servants,’ and will take note of what’s happening. For instance, Fluffy may immediately investigate any boxes or parcels you bring home, and will be curious about the environment.


Cats are very playful, which is one of their most adorable traits. If your furball is generally frisky and high-spirited, there’s a good chance that Fluffy is purrfectly content.


Fluffy is actually very emotional. If she feels stressed, scared, lonely, or depressed, you’ll soon see a difference in her appearance. Her fur may start looking matted, and she may quickly drop weight. However, if your feline buddy has clear, bright eyes; soft, clean fur; and is generally in good shape, that’s a great sign. After all, healthy cats are happy cats!


It’s hard not to smile when kitties jump into our laps, or snuggle up beside us at night. Even more aloof cats often show affection by following their humans around. This is a great sign that your furball appreciates the love and care you give her!

Please reach out to us, your Glendale, AZ vet clinic, for all your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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