Holiday Care Tips for Birds

The holidays are approaching fast! As you start preparing for seasonal festivities, keep your pet bird in mind. This can be a dangerous time of year for our feathered friends! Here, a Glendale, AZ vet discusses holiday care for birds.


Birds thrive on routine and stability, and can be upset by even minor changes. Even seasonal decorations can make Polly uneasy. Watch for signs of stress, such as unusual vocalizations, aggression, reduced appetite, feather pulling, or changes in your pet’s droppings. To help Polly cope, spend lots of time with her, and make sure she has lots of fun toys. Stick to normal routines for your pet’s food and playtime. Also, make sure your winged friend has a good cage cover. If your feathered buddy seems nervous, cover her cage and let her relax.


Birds have very delicate lungs, and can get extremely sick from inhaling fumes we find pleasant. Scented candles, cooking fumes, potpourri burners, and fireplaces are all hazardous to your cute pet. Aerosols, perfumes, candles, and cigarette smoke are dangerous as well. Don’t expose your little buddy to harmful fumes!


Birds can get very frightened and anxious when there is a lot of commotion around them. If you’re planning on hosting some of this year’s festivities, consider moving Polly’s cage to a quiet back room. Also, ask your guests not to bring their dogs. Dogs and birds are not a safe mix!


Many of those delicious seasonal treats aren’t safe for Polly. Chocolate, garlic, onion, chives, scallions, alcohol, and sweet or salty foods are all dangerous for your pet. Offer your winged pal some safe, suitable snacks.


Decorated trees are very hazardous to birds. Not only are trees hung with things like ornaments, ribbons, ornament hooks, and lights, the tree needles themselves can be quite sharp. The tree may also be covered in fertilizer, pesticide, or other harmful chemicals. Plants are another danger. Many popular seasonal plants, such as poinsettias, are actually toxic to your colorful pet. Keep Polly in a birdproofed, zone.


Polly definitely deserves a special gift of her own. Toys are always a good option. Your pet may also appreciate some new perches, or even a bigger cage!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Bell Animal and Bird Hospital, your Glendale, AZ vet clinic. Please contact us anytime!

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