5 Great Benefits of Adopting a Senior Dog

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! There are a lot of pooches in need of good homes, but senior dogs have a particularly hard time getting adopted. That’s very sad, because they make wonderful animal companions! Read on as a North Phoenix, AZ vet lists some great reasons to adopt a senior dog.

No Surprises

When you adopt a puppy, you’ll be more or less guessing how big your canine pal will get, and what he will look like as an adult. This can be a problem for apartment dwellers, especially if Fido gets bigger than expected, and grows past your landlord’s allowed size for dogs. With senior pets, what you see is what you get. You’ll also be able to get a good idea of what your pup’s personality is.

Prior Training

Most adoptable senior dogs have been pets before. Fido may already know basic commands, such as Sit and Stay, and will most likely already be housebroken. This can make things much easier for you!

Less Mischief

Another great thing about senior dogs is the fact that they’re usually more interested in napping than in playing. Excess energy and boredom—especially when combined—are often major factors in bad doggy behaviors, like chewing or digging. These really aren’t issues with senior dogs, however. Your canine buddy also won’t need as much activity as a younger dog would.

Shorter Commitment

When you adopt a pet, you’re making a lifelong commitment to care for that animal for the rest of their life. If you bring home a puppy, you may be signing on for well over a decade of pet parenting. If you aren’t ready to make that sort of commitment, consider giving a sweet senior pooch a great retirement home.

Tail Wags

As our canine buddies age, they often develop a very sweet and lovable demeanor. Senior dogs really have a lot of love to give, and can be very friendly, gentle, and affectionate. In fact, many of them really want nothing more than to collect as many belly rubs and ear scritches as possible! You may be surprised at how quickly these sweet, friendly pooches can melt your heart.

Do you have questions about senior dog care? Please reach out to us, your North Phoenix, AZ vet, for all of your dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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