4 Common Parakeet Care Mistakes

Have you recently adopted a parakeet? Congratulations! These little birds are very delightful, fun, and charming animal companions. There are definitely some specific do’s and don’ts to caring for them, however. Read on as a Glendale, AZ vet lists some common parakeet care mistakes.

Surprising Your Bird

Parakeets are very small, so they have learned to be very wary of predators. Polly tends to frighten easily, especially if she is startled. Never surprise your bird by suddenly reaching into her cage. Talk to your winged pal as you approach, and make sure she is aware of you and your movements. It won’t hurt to tell Polly what you are doing, either. If your bird ‘fluffs’ out her feathers and begins moving quickly, it’s a sign that she is frightened. Talk to Polly calmly, and maybe offer her a toy or treat. This is very important, especially as your feathered buddy is settling in.

Not Covering The Cage

Although Polly’s cage will offer her protection, she doesn’t necessarily see it that way. Covering your pet’s cage with a blanket at night will help her sleep better. It will also keep your little pal from being frightened by things like a light suddenly coming on. Birds instinctively fly if they are scared, so parakeets are prone to injuring themselves by accidentally flying into their cage walls.

Misunderstanding Polly’s Eating Habits

Parakeets often ‘hull’ or peel their seeds. Your winged friend may leave the outer layer of the seed on top of the rest of her food. Sometimes people see this and think their birds aren’t eating, and don’t refill the bowls. Make sure you aren’t mistaking a dish of hulls for a full dish. Also, since many birds are uneasy in new cages, they may not move very much at first. Put your parakeet’s food and water close to where she is sitting.

Scaring Your Pet

Unlike dogs and cats, many parakeets really don’t like to be petted. They prefer to show affection in other ways. While some tame and trusting birds don’t mind their owners touching them, it’s best to interact with your feathered pal in other ways. Also, don’t stare directly at your parakeet. This may scare her! If you are watching Polly, frequently blink and look away.

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