Celebrating Shelter Dog Birthdays

Did you know that today, August 1st, is Dogust? This is the official celebration date for shelter dogs! If you got your canine pal from a shelter, this is a great time to spoil him a bit. Read on as a local Glendale, AZ vet discusses celebrating shelter dog birthdays.

Celebrating Shelter Dogs

We love seeing shelter dogs go to great homes. Unfortunately, there are so many homeless and unwanted pets that many shelters just can’t keep up. This is very sad, because many of these sweet pooches end up in shelters just out of sheer bad luck. If you’re thinking about adopting a pooch, please consider getting Fido from a shelter. You’ll be able to pick from a variety of cute furry faces. Plus, you’ll be supporting and promoting good animal welfare. Of course, you’ll also make a friend for life. Many people report that the pups they’ve adopted from shelters are extremely loving and affectionate. Dogs are very smart, and know when someone has helped them, so it’s no surprise that Fido is often so devoted to his rescuers.

Gifts For Fido

It doesn’t take much at all to brighten up your furry friend’s day. Treats are one surefire option. Fido can have cooked, plain meat, chicken, or fish; a little cheese or egg; or even some doggy ice cream. Toys are also a wonderful choice. Other good gift ideas include a new bed or elevated dishes. Older dogs and pets with bone/joint issues may appreciate a doggy massage or a warm-water swim, while younger, more playful pups may really love a trip to the doggy park. If you have a yard for your pet to play in, consider getting Fido a doghouse, a kiddie pool, or a sandbox. You can even sign your four-legged pal up for a doggy subscription box, so he gets a box of goodies every month!

Helping Other Pets

Even if you didn’t get your canine buddy from a shelter, you can still help get some tails wagging today. Consider donating money or supplies to a local shelter. If you have time, you may want to consider volunteering, or even fostering. Even spreading the word on social media about dogs that are available for adoption can help!

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