Cat World Domination Tactics

June 24th is Cat World Domination Day! While we don’t expect Fluffy to actually take over control of things on that specific day, that doesn’t mean our feline overlords aren’t working towards this goal. In fact, kitties may very well be plotting a massive takeover! Read on as a North Phoenix, AZ vet lists some tactics our furry companions may be using.

Play Innocent

If cats had one tactic that keeps us firmly wrapped around their paws, it’s their ability to look absolutely innocent and adorable … even (and especially) when they’ve done something wrong. Fluffy may know full well that she is supposed to use her cat tower instead of the couch to do her nails, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to behave. When she gets busted being bad, your pet will probably meow at you, roll over, and look so darned cute that you end up petting her instead of lecturing her.

Take Over The Internet

Have you ever noticed that there is a disproportionate amount of cat content on the internet? This may not be a coincidence. With every cute video of Fluffy mistiming jumps, sleeping in odd positions, or just being her adorable self, our feline buddies move a little closer to their ultimate goal. In fact, this may also be why kitties sometimes sit, sleep, or walk on our computers. Have they figured out a way to get online through osmosis?

Get Rid Of The Dog

If there’s one thing that stands in the way of kitties’ plan to take over the universe, it’s Fido. We may find those tail wags, happy dances, and head tilts charming, but our feline pals aren’t quite that impressed. Fluffy may very well be plotting to set Fido up, perhaps by breaking something and framing him for it!

Charm Humans With Purrs And Cuddles

Cats certainly are adorable. In fact, they are suspiciously cute! Those adorable faces, plaintive meows, and hilarious quirks make kitties almost impossible not to love. Your furball may be able to melt your heart with a simple meow. For instance, if your cat is curled up on your lap, you may find yourself more or less ‘stuck’ because you don’t want to disturb her. That’s exactly what Fluffy wants!

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