How to Keep Your Bird Happy and Healthy

Birds can truly make fun, charming, and adorable little pets. Our feathered friends do have some very specific care needs, however. Therefore, it’s very important for bird owners to be aware of the do’s and don’ts of caring for Polly. Here a North Phoenix, AZ vet discusses keeping your pet bird comfortable, healthy, and content.

Clean, Comfy Environment

First things first: make sure that Polly has a roomy, comfortable cage that is clean, safe, and fun. Since a birdcage is a one-time splurge, we recommend getting the biggest, best birdcage you can afford. Your pet will also need bowls, toys, and a variety of perches. Ask your vet for specific advice, including cleaning regimens and cage size and shape recommendations.


A good location is very important. Many of our winged pals feel uneasy out in the open, and are much more comfortable in corners. Do some research before setting Polly’s cage up.


Life in a cage can get quite dull! Keep your winged buddy entertained by changing her toys out regularly and giving her at least a few hours of free time every day. Another thing you can do is get Polly a carrier or playtop and take her on fun, safe excursions. Even just visiting another part of the house can fun!


Birds are very smart, and are capable of learning what is and is not appropriate behavior. Set some simple guidelines. Teach Polly some basic commands, such as jumping onto your finger, or coming when called.


Good nutrition is crucial to Polly’s health! Your bird’s exact nutritional needs will depend on her age, breed, size, and weight. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


Birds are very small, and can easily feel threatened. Therefore, it’s important to cultivate a feeling of friendship with Polly. Never grab your feathered buddy, or yell at her. Always treat your bird gently and kindly, so she knows you will never hurt her. Just spending some quality time with your colorful little pal every day will help.

Proper Veterinary Care

Birds are quite delicate, and can get sick very quickly. Bring Polly in regularly for exams and wellness care. At home, watch for signs of sickness. Call your vet immediately if you notice anything amiss.

Do you have questions about bird care? Contact us, your North Phoenix, AZ pet clinic, anytime!

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