4 Reasons to Adopt a Specially Abled Pet

Did you know that May 3rd is Specially-Abled Pets Day? Just like people, many sweet and loving pets have physical ailments or disabilities. Sadly, these cute furballs often get passed over in shelters, and have a very hard time finding loving homes. However, specially-abled pets can make top-notch animal companions! Here, a North Phoenix, AZ vet lists some great reasons to give one of these adorable furballs a great home.

It May Be Easier Than You Think

While specially-abled pets do need a little extra TLC, the additional care and costs they require may be much less than you think. In fact, many pets with disabilities need about the same amount of care as a toddler would. For some of these lovable furballs, some simple precautions—such as using baby gates to keep a blind dog from tripping on a stairwell—may be all that is needed. That said, it is true that many specially-abled pets do need more veterinary care than other pets. However, shelters are sometimes willing to help defray these costs. It never hurts to ask!

It’s Something To Feel Great About

Many people really won’t consider taking in an animal with special needs. However, giving that one special pet a second chance at happiness is a wonderful act of kindness, and one that can be very rewarding!

They Are Super Resilient

Dogs and cats have an amazing capacity to adapt to unique challenges. Fido may do just fine on three legs, while Fluffy may not really care if she is deaf or visually impaired. You may be surprised at how specially-abled pets can thrive, and live happy, fulfilling lives. For instance, dogs with rear-end mobility issues may learn to zip right along in a doggy wheelchair, while pooches with hearing problems can be trained to respond to visual commands, rather than vocal ones.

Love, Purrs, And Tail Wags

Our animal friends are smart enough to know when someone has helped them. Fido and Fluffy will repay you for your kindness with true friendship and unconditional love and loyalty. Don’t be surprised if your new pal immediately decides that you are their hero. Our four-legged friends are often very, very grateful to their rescuers!

Please contact us, your local North Phoenix, AZ pet clinic, with any questions about caring for your specially-abled furry friend. We are here to help!

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