Plants That Are Dangerous to Fido

Plants are great to have around. They help keep our homes looking and smelling nice, and can provide us with produce, herbs, nuts, oils, and flowers. However, many plants are dangerous to our canine friends. Read on as a local North Phoenix, AZ vet lists some toxic plants for dog owners to be aware of.

Foxtail Grasses

Foxtail grasses may look innocent, but they can be deadly to dogs. The issue here isn’t the actual grass: it’s the seed awls. The awls have sharp barbs that can pierce your pup’s skin. Even worse, these barbs are curved in a way that allows them to work their way deeper and deeper into your canine pal’s body, causing severe damage. Keep your property clear of foxtails, and don’t let Fido explore areas that may have them.

Sago Palms

Sago palms are very pretty, so they are a popular landscaping choice. Unfortunately, they are highly toxic to dogs. Fido can get severe—and even deadly—damage to his liver and other organs by chewing on or eating sago palms.

Cholla Cactus

If there was a contest for apex predator of the plant world, the cholla cactus may very well take the winning slot. Chollas, as you may know, ‘shoot’ their needles into people or animals that get too close. Of course, dogs, being very curious, like to sniff plants and grass. This is a dangerous combination! Your furry buddy can get needles anywhere, including his eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. If your pet has just a few cactus spines, and they aren’t in a sensitive location, you can try to remove them with tweezers. Keep antiseptic and styptic powder on hand. However, if your pooch has a lot of spines, or if they are in dangerous spots, contact your vet or an emergency clinic immediately.


These are just a few plants that are poisonous to Fido. There are many more, including some you may not suspect, such as tulip bulbs, many lilies, daffodils, and azaleas. You can find a full list online at the ASPCA website here. It’s also a good idea to check your yard for any unsafe plants. If you find any, pull them out by the root, so they don’t grow back.

Call us, your local North Phoenix, AZ pet hospital, for more information on unsafe plants. We are always happy to assist!

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