Choosing a Scratching Post

Does your kitty sometimes use your sofa as a scratching post? Cats are certainly very cute, but Fluffy’s nail care regimen doesn’t always go over well with her humans. Kitties do have a strong, instinctive urge to scratch, and with good reason: in the wild, cats depend on those sharp little claws for hunting, defense, and climbing to safety. Making sure your pet has a good manicure station is very important! Here, a North Phoenix, AZ vet offers advice on choosing a scratching post.


There are a few things to keep in mind when picking out a scratching post. Cats like to scratch while they are doing their nails, so you’ll want to pick something that lets your furry pal stretch out to her full length. Making sure the post is sturdy is also very important. If Fluffy’s post wobbles, she may become wary of it, and refuse to use it.

Cat Towers

Cat towers are great for our feline friends. They not only give your furball a great scratching post, they also give her a napping spot and a high vantage point, from which she can stare down at her kingdom with that smug look felines do so well. If you have more than one kitty, make sure to get a tower that can fit all of your pets at the same time. You don’t want Fluffy and Mittens fighting over who gets to use the tower!

DIY Options

If you are trying to save money, you can cut corners by going the DIY route. For instance, you can turn an old stepladder into a cat tower just by adding planks to the boards, and then widening out the steps into kitty lounging spots. Wrap the whole thing in carpet or sisal rope, and tell your cat not to use it. Fluffy will immediately hop on! Look online for more great ideas.


Never punish your kitty for scratching improperly. Instead, clap your hands or squirt Fluffy with water when she scratches your sofa. It’s also important for her to form a good association with her scratching post. To do this, sprinkle catnip around it, and offer your furry little diva praise, treats, and toys for using her post.

Please contact us, your North Phoenix, AZ pet hospital, with any questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care. We are happy to help!

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