Holiday Gifts for Birds

The holiday season is in full swing. Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Don’t forget to get your feathered friend a little something! Polly definitely has a special way of making us smile with her musical vocalizations and cute antics. Read on as a local North Phoenix, AZ vet lists some great gift ideas for birds.

Bigger Cage

If there’s one gift that’s great for all birds, it would be a bigger cage. If you can afford it, upgrade your colorful pet’s habitat, and give her a little more room. Since your feathered pal will spend so much time in her cage, this is definitely something to splurge on! Ask your vet for recommendations.

New Perches

Take a look at your pet’s cage, and see if anything could be replaced or upgraded. Maybe Polly would enjoy a new swing, or a different birdbath. Perches are another good option. Perches are beneficial to birds in many ways. They serve as hangout spots, sleeping spots, and help keep your pet’s feet and legs in good shape. Your winged buddy will benefit the most from having a variety of different perches, all of various textures and strengths. Just be sure to get perches that are the right size for your bird.


Making sure your pet has plenty of toys to play with is very important! Polly will get sad and restless without suitable entertainment. Offer your feathered buddy a variety of fun toys. One thing you can do is fill a wicker basket with various playthings for your colorful pal to play with. Some of the things you can include are game chips, popsicle sticks, playing cards, colored blocks, shower curtain rings, and balls. Just be sure there are no sharp edges sticking out of the basket.


Your winged pal will definitely enjoy a special snack! Many types of fruit, cooked beans, and sprouts are fine for Polly. All of our feathered friends have their own specific nutritional needs, however, so be sure to ask your vet for recommendation. Also, always put safety first. Never give your bird a new food without first researching it to be sure it’s safe.

All of us here at Bell Animal and Bird Hospital, your local North Phoenix, AZ pet hospital, want to wish you a wonderful holiday season. Please feel free to contact us if we can ever be of assistance.

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