6 Ways to Pamper a Pet Bird

Did you know that the USDA’s Bird Health Awareness Week starts November 5th? Our feathered pals make wonderful pets! This is a great reminder to take a look at Polly’s care regimen, and see if anything needs adjusting. Of course, this is also a wonderful time for you to spoil your cute pet a bit! Read on as a North Phoenix, AZ vet lists some great ways to pamper a pet bird.


Living in a cage can get boring, so make sure Polly has lots of fun toys to entertain herself with. Also, be sure to change your pet’s playthings out frequently to keep things fresh. Store-bought toys are fine, but you can also make many of your feathered pal’s playthings. Some of the things you can use are popsicle sticks, playing cards, shower curtain rings, poker chips, and even non-Styrofoam egg cartons. Look online for great ideas.


Perches are absolutely crucial to Polly’s health and well being. Your winged buddy will need a variety of perches, all of different shapes, strengths, and materials. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Like any other pet, our feathered friends love special snacks. Go ahead and give your winged buddy a yummy treat. Polly’s nutritional needs will depend on her age and breed, so ask your vet for nutritional recommendations, including safe and unsafe foods, portion sizes, and suitable snacks.

Deluxe Cage

Making sure your feathered pal is comfortable in her cage is very important. We recommend getting the biggest cage you can afford. This one-time splurge is definitely worth it! Choosing the right location for your pet’s cage is also crucial. Most birds are happiest in a quiet corner where they can see, hear, and interact with their human pals, without feeling too exposed.


Your colorful little pet will need time out of her cage every day. Most birds need at least a few hours of free time daily. Of course, you’ll need to do some birdproofing before letting Polly out to play. Ask your vet for more information.

Veterinary Care

Birds need proper veterinary care in order to thrive. If Polly hasn’t seen the vet in a while, make an appointment for her right away.

Do you have questions about caring for your bird? Contact us today! As your local North Phoenix, AZ animal clinic, we are here to help!

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