Doghouse Repair Month

Did you know that July is doghouse repair month? If your canine buddy has a home of his own to hang out in outdoors, this is a great time to give it a thorough cleaning and inspection! Read on as a local Glendale, AZ vet offers some tips on repairing and maintaining Fido’s doghouse.


Give your furry friend’s doghouse a good cleaning. Use a nontoxic soap. You’ll want to do this on a hot, sunny day, so Fido’s home will dry quickly, rather than retain moisture.


It may seem like adding bedding to a doghouse is a great way to keep your cute pet comfortable, but in truth, bedding often attracts unwanted visitors, like fleas and rodents. Use a pet-safe mat or carpet instead.

Safety Check

Take a good look at your pooch’s doghouse. You’ll want to check for anything that could potentially hurt your canine pal, like nails or screws that are sticking out. Also, look for spots that Fido may have chewed, and repair them immediately. If you need to replace any part of the doghouse, avoid using pressure-treated wood, as it is toxic to our four-legged friends.

Pest Control

Keeping the area around Fido’s doghouse neat and well-cared for will help fight off fleas and ticks. If your pup’s house is on the lawn, mow the grass there regularly. Also, remove any debris, such as dead leaves and branches. If you need to treat the area, use pet-safe products and procedures, and follow directions to the letter.


Ideally, Fido’s doghouse should be set up with the doorway facing away from prevailing winds. However, if your canine companion’s doghouse is mobile, consider moving it seasonally. That way, your pooch can be in a warm spot in winter, and a cooler area in summertime.


If you really want to pamper your four-legged pal, consider making some upgrades to his doghouse. A little doggy deck would make a great DIY afternoon project! You can also give Fido a sandbox to bury toys in, or a kiddie pool to play in.


Your furry buddy’s doghouse should be raised up off the ground a bit, so water runs beneath it. Take time to check it and make sure it’s still level!

Please contact us, your Glendale, AZ animal clinic, with any questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care. We’re here to help!

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