Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day

Did you know that April 21st is Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day? If you have a bulldog, be sure to give your canine buddy an extra treat on this puptastic occasion! Bulldogs are wonderful dogs, and definitely deserve their own special day. A Glendale, AZ vet discusses these lovable dogs in this article.


Bulldogs have been our buddies for quite some time. The breed was officially recognized by the AKC back in 1886. There are actually several types of bulldogs, including the American, English, and French, and they are all quite adorable!


These cute pups may look grumpy at first glance, but many bulldogs have hearts of gold. Bulldogs are typically very calm and docile, and, well, perhaps a bit lazy. They are great for apartment life, and do very well with children.


Bulldogs are brachycephalic, and, like many other brachys, can easily get winded if they get overexerted. Therefore, most bulldogs have very mild exercise needs. Your pet will need some activity to stay healthy, but you want to be very careful not to push Fido too hard. Swimming is also a no-no for many of these pups: they’re just not built for the water, and can easily get into trouble. However, you can let your pooch splash around in a wading pool.

Grooming Needs

Bulldogs don’t have particularly stringent grooming needs, and typically don’t shed very much. Fido will need to be brushed regularly, but if you keep up with the brushing, you shouldn’t have to bathe him too often. You will have to clean your pet’s ears, however. You’ll also need to watch for possible skin trouble. Those wrinkles and pockets can be problematic, so you’ll have to keep those crevasses clean by wiping them out regularly. Ask your vet for more information.


Because bulldogs can easily get winded, your vet and/or breeder may recommend that you get a harness for your pup, instead of a regular collar. A good doggy bed is also a must!


Heat can be very dangerous for bulldogs! Fido will need to be kept in cool, air-conditioned rooms in hot weather. Making sure your furry buddy always has plenty of cool, fresh water is also important.

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