Bathing Your Bird

Does your pet have feathers and a beak? If so, you’ve got a very cute little friend! Birds are very delightful and adorable pets. Polly isn’t hard to care for: a clean, comfy cage; good food; fun toys; and regular veterinary care will see to her essential needs. You’ll also need to help your pet stay clean. Read on as a Glendale, AZ vet discusses bathing your bird.

When To Bathe Polly

There isn’t one set schedule that applies to all of our feathered friends. Some birds really love being bathed, and will take advantage of in-cage birdbaths almost daily. Other birds rarely—or even never—take baths. Your pet’s size, breed, age, and health will all play huge roles in determining how often she should bathe. Polly’s opinion is also important! Ask your vet for more information.

Benefits of Bathing

If you’ve ever seen wild birds in a birdbath, you have probably noticed that many of our feathered pals enjoy getting wet. Many of our winged pals also seem quite content after a bath. This may be the birdie equivalent to how many of us feel after a getting a good haircut! Bathing is both natural and healthy for our winged pals. It also encourages preening, which is Polly’s natural way of keeping her feathers clean. Since the air indoors is often much dryer than outside air, bathing can also prevent your pet’s skin from drying out.


When bathing your bird, be sure to use lukewarm, not hot, water. Avoid using soap, as it could be toxic to your cute pet. Your bird may not mind being bathed by a faucet or sprayer, but keep the pressure low, and make sure she is comfortable with it.


Try to schedule Polly’s baths for morning, so she’ll have plenty of time to dry off before bed. You also want to make sure that the room temperature isn’t too chilly, and that there are no drafts.


Since many pet birds can’t swim, deep water can be deadly to them. Keep in mind that Polly is quite small, so what is considered deep water for her may be very shallow for us. Pots of water, full sinks or tubs, or even toilets can all be very hazardous to our feathered buddies.

Do you have questions about bathing your bird? Contact us, your Glendale, AZ animal clinic, today!

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