Adorably Quirky Ways Your Cat Shows Affection

If there’s one thing we know for certain about cats, it’s that they are full of cute quirks. Kitties definitely keep us laughing with their adorable antics! Fluffy also has some very unique ways of showing her affection. Actually, some of the ways our feline friends show their love are quite adorable! A Glendale, AZ veterinarian lists some of them below.


Cats are hunters by nature. Fluffy may instinctively incorporate hunting skills, like pouncing, jumping, and biting, into her playtime, and might even try to practice her moves on you. Kitties also sometimes nip lightly as a way of playfully showing affection. It’s best to curb this habit by offering your frisky pet lots of toys, and taking time to play with her. (Note: if your furball is showing true aggression, consult a professional.)


Cats like to follow their human servants around like furry little shadows. Fluffy may even follow you into the bathroom!


Kneading is definitely one of Fluffy’s more painful displays of affection. If your kitty likes to snooze in your lap, she may lovingly give you a ‘claw massage’ before falling asleep. This is actually a sign that Fluffy thinks of you as her human parent: kittens knead while nursing to stimulate milk flow.


Do you let your kitty go outdoors? If so, your furball may have a habit of leaving ‘presents’ on your doorstep, or even bringing them into the house. (Note: we recommend keeping Fluffy indoors, where she’ll be both healthier and safer.)


If your cat ever flops down on her back and presents that furry tummy for you to rub, she has just given you a very high compliment. That cute belly is Fluffy’s most vulnerable spot, and she only allows people she really trusts to touch it.

Leg Rub

When Fluffy rubs against your leg, she’s showing her affection. (Actually, to be specific, she’s showing her ownership by leaving her scent on you. However, we’re pretty sure that these things are one and the same as far as cats are concerned.)


Adult cats rarely speak to one another: they use tail positions and body language to communicate with each other. Once Fluffy is grown, she usually only talks to her humans.

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