Things to Consider Before Getting a Bird

Are you thinking about getting a pet bird? Birds have many wonderful qualities that make them great pets: they’re adorable, intelligent, affectionate, colorful, and lots of fun. Being a bird parent isn’t for everyone, however. You’ll want to do some research, and think things over carefully, before bringing your feathered friend home. In this article, a Glendale, AZ vet lists some things to consider before adopting a bird.


Some of our feathered friends have very long lifespans. Certain species of birds can live 50 years, or even longer. Make sure that you are able to commit to your cute little friend for her entire lifetime. If there’s a chance that your adorable pet could outlive you, you’ll need to consider this as well.


Polly will need time out of her cage every day. You’ll need to do some birdproofing to keep your winged buddy safe. Drapes and cords; small objects; fans; chemicals and medicines; small items; and plastic bags are a few things that can injure or kill pet birds. Ask your vet for more information.


Birds can’t really be housebroken, and they tend to be rather sloppy eaters. Be prepared to deal with some messes!

Air Quality

Birds have very sensitive lungs. Polly can get very sick by breathing fumes that are barely noticeable to us. Some of the things that can endanger your pet include cigarette smoke, perfume, scented candles, aerosols, and even cooking fumes. Make sure that the air quality in your home is safe and suitable for a bird.


Birds require quite a bit of care. Plan to spend about half an hour a day feeding Polly and cleaning her cage. Our winged pals also need lots of love and attention in order to be truly happy. You’ll need to spend quality time with your colorful little pal when she’s out of her cage.


Some of our feathered friends are quite loud! While some people may love a parrot that can belt out ear-splitting renditions of Bohemian Rhapsody, others may prefer a quieter bird, like a finch. Do plenty of research on your potential pet’s species, and make sure that Polly’s vocalizations will mesh with your household.

Do you have any questions about caring for your bird? Please feel free to contact us, your Glendale, AZ animal hospital, anytime! We are happy to help.

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