How Pets Can Benefit Children

Has your child been asking for a pet lately? Determining when to get your young one a pet is a major decision, and not one to be taken lightly. That said, our furry friends can actually be very helpful to children. Below, a Glendale, AZ vet discusses some ways kids can benefit from having pets.


Having a pet can teach a child a lot about empathy. Pets need to be cared for, but they also need love. Interacting with our furry friends can help show children that every living being deserves to be treated with love, compassion, and respect.


In troubled times, our furry friends can offer great comfort to a child. Fido’s tail wags and affectionate doggy kisses and Fluffy’s loving cuddles and purrs can help children deal with grief or anxiety, and can help them get through difficult days. Snuggling up to a pet can also help a child cope with bad dreams or fear of the dark.


Friends can come and go, but the comfort and companionship pets offer never waivers. A pet’s loyalty can be a great boon to a child. Actually, this is one benefit we never outgrow: our furry companions stay with us through thick and thin, no matter how old we—or they—are.


If your youngster is full of energy, a pet could make a great playmate. Kids and puppies can play for hours! Just be sure to teach your child to play responsibly, and never do anything that could possibly hurt or frighten your furry friend.


Did you know that having pets can actually reduce a child’s risk of getting allergies? Pets can also boost children’s immune systems. It turns out that all that fur and dirt may actually be good for your little one!


Timing is very important when getting a child a pet. Every child matures differently, so there is no one set specific age for a child to get a pet. We recommend starting small, with something that needs minimal care, like a goldfish. It’s unfortunately all too common for children to beg for pets, and then lose interest in them, so before adopting one, make sure you’re willing to take care of that pet if needed.

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