Apartment Decorating Tips for Cat Owners

Cats make great pets for people in apartments. They’re clean, fairly quiet, and really don’t mind living in a small space, as long as they have suitable toys and entertainment. Rooming with a kitty can provide some decorative and cleaning challenges for pet owners, however. Read on as a Glendale, AZ vet offers some great decorating and cleaning tips for apartment-dwelling cat owners.


Cats feel safe in small, enclosed spaces. In an apartment, Fluffy may not have many places to hide if, for instance, you have guests over and she feels anxious. Make sure your kitty always has a hiding spot. Look for a small pet tent or kitty condo, or storage cube, or look online for DIY ideas.


In an apartment, finding the right spot for Fluffy’s litterbox can be a challenge. There are several cute ways to cover your furball’s bathroom. Repurpose an enclosed end table, preferably one with doors. Just put a hole in the back for your kitty to access it, and place it in a spot where she can get to it. You can also get a folding screen. Set it up kitty-corner, leaving just enough room for your furry pal to get in and out.


If you have room, we definitely recommend getting a cat tower. If you’re short on space, cover a square shelf or board with carpet or sisal rope, and hang it at kitty height, so that it takes up wall space, rather than floor space. Or, simply wrap sisal rope around the leg of a table or end table. Presto!


If your apartment has blinds, you can probably expect Fluffy to make herself a little hole to get through. Pick up a window treatment that your furball can get through more easily, or keep the blinds rolled up during the day so your kitty can see outdoors. Cats absolutely love window seats, so we recommend getting one for your feline buddy.


Plants can really add a nice touch to an apartment. Just be sure to choose only plants that are safe for your feline pal. Check the ASPCA site for a full list of toxic and non-toxic plants.

Does your feline pal need shots or an examination? Contact us, your local Glendale, AZ animal hospital, today. We always provide excellent veterinary care, and are always happy to assist!

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