Adopting a Cockatiel

Have you been thinking about adopting a cockatiel? These pretty birds are lots of fun to watch, and have some super cute habits, too! Cockatiels do have some specific requirements, however, so before making a decision, you’ll want to do a bit of research. A local North Phoenix, AZ vet discusses basic cockatiel care in this article.


Friendly, charming, and full of adorable mannerisms, cockatiels are the second most popular type of pet bird. They can live about 20 years, on average, so be sure you are ready for a long-term commitment before adopting one. These intelligent birds need to be played with, petted, and offered plenty of company and stimulation. A bored or lonely cockatiel is an unhappy cockatiel! Keep in mind that these beautiful birds can be a bit loud, so if you want a quiet pet, a cockatiel may not be the right choice.


When it comes to birdcages, bigger is always better. Polly will need a cage that is, at the very least, about 2 feet tall and 30 inches wide, but we recommend getting the biggest cage you can. Stainless steel is a good option. For liner, you can use bird litter, newspaper, or paper towels. Polly will also need plenty of perches: you’ll want to get various textures and styles, to offer a healthy variety. Change your winged pal’s perches out frequently to keep things fresh and fun for her. Food bowls and a water dish are also needed. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


Just like any other animal, cockatiels need a proper diet to thrive. Polly can have a seed mix for her main meals. You’ll want to supplement this with fresh produce, such as zucchini, celery, corn, carrots, and peas. She’ll also need some cuttlebones, which will provide valuable nutrients. Your pet may also need a mineral block. For treats, you can offer pasta, cooked lentils, or sugar-free cereal. Check with your vet for specific nutritional recommendations, including portion sizes.


Polly is quite playful, and will get bored without fun toys to keep her entertained. Give your feathered pet a variety of playthings, such as ladders, popsicle sticks, and little bells. Twig balls are also suitable.

These are just a few basic aspects of caring for a cockatiel. For more information, and specific recommendations, contact us, your local North Phoenix, AZ animal hospital, today.


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