Exercising Your Cat

If you have a cat, you’ve probably noticed that our feline friends are rather fond of napping, to say the least. In fact, eating and sleeping are probably Fluffy’s two favorite activities. This, combined with the fact that most housecats can enjoy a 24-hour buffet and a plethora of cozy napping spots, can make it very easy for kitties to get, well, rather pudgy. While chubby cats are cute, the truth is that those extra pounds are very bad for your cat’s health! Exercise of course plays a huge role in your furry pal’s weight, but getting your sleepy furball moving can be a bit tricky. A local Glendale, AZ vet offers some options for exercising cats in this article.


Make sure Fluffy has plenty of toys, and play with her daily. Change her playthings out frequently to keep things fun and exciting for her. Every now and then, pick up a random toy and toss it down the hall. Chances are, your furball will run after it. Some kitties even play fetch!

Laser Pointers

A laser pointer can be a great way to get Fluffy off the couch. Many cats love chasing that elusive red dot! Just be sure not to shine the light directly into her eyes.

Jungle Gym (aka Cat Tower)

A cat tower is a great way to keep your feline pal active. If you can, place it in front of a window with a good view to make it even more tempting for her.

Here, Kitty!

This one is best used sparingly, as you don’t want your cat getting bored with it. Trick Fluffy into moving by calling her to you. When she reaches you, give her some cuddles and praise as a reward, and play with her.

Bathtub Soccer

Here’s one way to get at least some cats up and running: toss a ball toy into a dry bathtub. Fluffy may really enjoy batting the ball around inside the tub!

Workout Buddy

Is your furry pal young and sociable? Consider getting her a feline playmate. Not all cats are going to be happy about getting roommates, so this isn’t necessarily a good option for everyone. That said, many kitties love having a buddy to play with.

Is your cat due for shots or an examination? We are here to help! Please contact us, your local Glendale, AZ vet clinic, anytime.

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