What to Do if Your Bird Escapes

Do you have a pet bird? Our feathered friends are very cute and charming, and have some very loyal fans. Caring for a bird can be very rewarding, but it also offers some unique challenges. Just like any other pet, birds do sometimes escape. This can be very traumatic and scary for pet parents! Finding a lost bird can be difficult, but there are some ways to increase the odds of getting Polly back. In this article, a North Phoenix, AZ vet discusses what to do if your bird escapes.


When it comes to animal care, an ounce of prevention is sometimes worth several pounds of cure. Before letting Polly out of her cage, always make sure that all of your doors and windows are shut. It’s worth noting that birds with clipped wings can still fly, so don’t assume that you can take your pet outside if her wings are clipped. Birds can be microchipped, so ask your vet about microchipping your bird. You’ll also want to take some clear pictures of your pet. If your feathered buddy is vocal, record her singing or talking. You can use a cassette recorder, or download recording apps.


If Polly gets out, start searching for her immediately. Bring binoculars and a towel, as well as some of her favorite foods and toys. Carefully check all the trees nearby. It’s very easy to miss a bird, so be thorough! Bring your bird’s cage outside and leave it there with the door open and food inside. Next, scatter birdseed and pellets around your property. While you’re doing this, play the recording of your bird. Calling your feathered pal may also help, though in some cases, hiding from birds will draw them out. Most pets don’t fly very far, so your pet will likely be within a mile of your home, at least at first.

Spread The Word

Get the word out about your missing pet. Put flyers up in your area, and place ads in local papers. Use social media to help get the word out. Birds often seek out people, especially if they are hungry, so be sure to let your neighbors know about your lost buddy in case she goes to visit them.

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