5 Things Your Dog Knows About You

Does your canine buddy sometimes seem to have a sixth sense? Man’s Best Friend has been our faithful companion for thousands of years, and in that time, he’s really studied us closely. In fact, your furry friend may be able to read you like a book! Below, a North Phoenix, AZ veterinarian discusses some surprising things that Fido knows about you.

Your Mood

Man’s Best Friend is very astute. Fido can read quite a bit from changes in your body chemistry, vocal tones, and expression. Don’t be surprised if your pup proves adept at telling when you’re happy, sad, angry, or scared, and reacts accordingly.

Your Health

Dogs have an amazing aptitude for sensing illness and disease. Man’s Best Friend has been known to sniff out cancer and other diseases, and can alert people to oncoming seizures or heart attacks. Fido’s cute little nose can sniff out subtle changes in our body chemistry, such as a drop in blood sugar, that can be red flags for oncoming medical issues.

When To Offer Comfort

Dogs often know when their human friends are feeling down. If you’re sad, Fido may put a paw on your leg in a show of support, or may stick closer to you than usual. Our canine friends have even been known to lick our tears away!

When You’re Distracted

Has Fido ever waited until your back was turned, and then seized the chance to snatch your sandwich from the table? Case in point.

If You’re Easily Persuaded

Does your dog sometimes bounce around as though he really, really needs to go for a walk right now … only to casually start sniffing grass as soon as he gets outside? Does your pup give you those big sad eyes while you’re eating? If so, Fido is probably pretty sure that he’ll get his way if he persists.

These are just a few things our canine friends know about us. Your furry pal also knows about that other dog you were just petting, and can likely even tell what you had for lunch. If by some chance you go meet a friend at the doggy park without your pooch, don’t expect to hide it from him!

Do you have any questions about Fido’s health, care, or behavior? Call us today! As your North Phoenix, AZ vet clinic, we are here to help!

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