Choosing the Right Bird Perch

Do you have a pet bird? Our beautiful winged friends can make wonderful and loving companions. In order to keep Polly happy and healthy, you’ll need to make her cage as comfortable and fun as possible. One thing that is very important to proper bird care is providing your winged buddy with a variety of good perches. Perches give birds a place to socialize, sleep, and groom themselves. They will also help keep your feathered friend’s feet and legs healthy. Bird perches are definitely not one size fits all, however. A local North Phoenix, AZ vet discusses choosing bird perches in this article.

Natural or Artificial

Many pet birds love natural perches. Polly might really enjoy stripping the bark from a tree branch! You can give your winged buddy branches, but you’ll need to be very careful with your selection. Certain types of trees, such as oak, pine, and cherry, can be dangerous to our feathered pals. Make sure the branch has been completely disinfected before giving it to your feathered pal, as otherwise your pet could get sick. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


As they say, variety is the spice of life. This is certainly the case when it comes to perches! Irregular shapes, such as knobbed or tapered shape, can be great fun for your pet. Offer Polly perches of various shapes.


Polly needs perches of various materials. A coarse perch may help her with grooming her feet and beak, but may not be comfortable for extended periods of time. Slippery materials, on the other hand, make offer a great foot workout, but can also get uncomfortable after a while.


Choose perches that are appropriate for your pet’s breed and age. A perch made for a Macaw, for instance, would be much too big for a finch!


Offer your pet both rigid and flexible perches. Rope perches offer Polly a soft landing spot, while a wooden perch gives her a more solid place to land.


Be sure to place Polly’s perches so that she can use them without having her tailfeathers touch the cage sides. Change the perches out frequently to keep things fun for your feathered pal.

Do you have questions about bird care? We can help! As your local North Phoenix, AZ pet clinic, we are here to serve all your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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