Household Hazards for Birds

Do you have a pet bird? Our winged friends make very charming and adorable pets. Polly certainly packs a lot of personality into a tiny package! As a responsible bird owner, you’ll need to let your feathered pal out of her cage each day for some playtime. Since many common household items are dangerous to birds, it’s very important for you to know what is dangerous for Polly before you let her out of her cage. Below, a North Phoenix, AZ vet discusses household hazards for birds.


Ceiling fans can be very dangerous for our little feathered friends. Polly could be seriously hurt, or even killed, if she flies into a fan! Always turn fans off before letting your pet out to play.


Many common household items give off fumes that are harmless to us but are very dangerous for our winged buddies. Kitchen cookware is one of the main ones to be aware of, as many of these items are coated with substances that emit vapors when used. These fumes are safe for us, but are very dangerous to birds. Scented candles, aerosols, perfumes, cigarette smoke, and the fumes from household cleaning agents, automotive products, and other chemicals are also very dangerous for little Polly.

Windows, Mirrors, And Doors

Windows and mirrors pose a serious risk to your cute little pet. Polly may not see a window, and could easily fly into it. Window treatments, such as blinds and drapes, can also be very dangerous, as your little buddy could get entangled in the cords.


Open toilets, a sink full or water, or even a pot of water on the stove can all be very dangerous to a tiny winged explorer. Be careful to close toilets, drain sinks, and cover any pots before letting Polly out of her cage.

Small Items

Birds are very curious, and your pet likely won’t hesitate to investigate anything that looks like it might be food. To protect your colorful pal, pick up any loose buttons, beads, and jewelry, and any other tiny items, like craft kit pieces.


Fido and Fluffy may be sweet, but they could see Polly as a toy, and seriously hurt her. Keep other pets separated from Polly whenever she is outside of her cage.

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