Finding the Perfect Spot for Your Birdcage

Have you recently decided to get a pet bird? Congratulations! Our winged friends are charming and colorful, and make wonderful pets. Making sure that Polly is comfortable in her cage is crucial to her well-being. Choosing the perfect birdcage is of course crucial, but the cage’s location is also very important. In this article, a North Phoenix discusses birdcage placement.


Fumes that are barely detectable to us can be very dangerous to your little feathered pal. Cooking fumes are particularly problematic. Many kitchenware products are made with Teflon, which emits fumes that are harmless to us but can be deadly to birds. Keep Polly’s cage away from the kitchen. Smoke from fireplaces can also be hazardous, as are air fresheners, scented candles, aerosols, perfume, and cigarette smoke.


Polly will be happiest in a spot where she can see and interact with her human family. You don’t want to put her in a loud area, however. Avoid putting your winged pal’s cage near a TV, stereo, or loud ‘project’ rooms, like a garage where noisy tools are often used.


Don’t put Polly’s cage in a spot that is too warm, too cool, or drafty. Avoid spots with direct sunlight. You also don’t want to put your winged pal in place that is the line of airflow, such as under a vent, above a heating duct, or under a ceiling fan.


Height is also important. If your winged pal’s cage is too low, she may feel anxious and frightened. On the other hand, if you put the cage too high up, she’ll think she is superior and will act accordingly! Keep Polly at or near chest level.


Birds that are too much in the open may feel anxious and vulnerable. Set Polly’s cage in a spot where there is at least one wall behind her. A corner is a great spot for your feathered buddy’s cage.


Being surrounded by greenery will make Polly’s home feel more like her natural habitat. To make your pet feel more at ease, put some bird-safe plants around and near her cage.


Birds will become sad and depressed if they are too isolated. Don’t put poor Polly in a back bedroom all by herself!

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