Help Your Kitten Thrive With High-Quality Nutrition

Your little tortoiseshell kitten Trident resembles a furry wind-up toy. This morning, you adopted this seven-week-old cat from your city’s animal shelter, and she came in like a tiny whirlwind. First, she tore through your house with lightning speed, exploring every corner with her tiny nose. Next, she claimed her food and water bowls before happily rolling on her plush custom bed. To fuel her often-explosive activities, and support her early-life development, she needs the best kitten-focused diet available. Fortunately, she’ll see your North Phoenix veterinarian tomorrow. The vet will give little Trident a new patient exam and prescribe an optimum kitten food.

Supercharged Kitten Chow

Several of Trident’s nutritional needs resemble those of your three-year-old cat Molly. Both felines require similar portions of fats, some fatty acids, and vitamins. However, your fast-developing kitten must also receive additional protein and amino acids. In fact, she should ideally get 30 percent of her energy from quality proteins. Finally, your kitten’s diet should incorporate several completely different vitamins and minerals.

Good thing your vet is familiar with kittens’ specialized nutritional requirements. He’ll prescribe a tasty, well-balanced diet that your growing girl will enjoy until she becomes a mature cat. Although she’d probably rather consume bowlfuls of cat treats, these tempting snacks should only comprise 5 percent of her daily calories.

Several Daily Meals

Trident’s daily feeding schedule will be quite different from Molly’s meal plan. Each day, your adult feline chows down on two preplanned servings. Her nutritionally balanced diet provides lots of energy for her active adult-cat lifestyle.

However, two meals aren’t sufficient for your supercharged kitten. She hardly ever stops her frenetic antics; and she only takes infrequent breaks to eat, drink, pee, or poop. Although she occasionally recharges with a nap, she doesn’t rest for long. To keep up this blistering pace, your little feline companion needs three or four daily feeding sessions.

Overflowing Fresh Water

Give your tiny feline exercise machine plenty of fresh water daily. Always keep her bowl filled, as that helps her to avoid dehydration that can contribute to other medical problems.

As little Trident grows into a healthy mature cat, your North Phoenix veterinarian will give her regular physical checkups. He’ll also tweak her diet to meet her changing nutritional requirements. To give your kitten the best possible start, contact us for expert assistance.

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