Your Dog Can Benefit From These Targeted Physical Therapies

Your Australian shepherd Bindi is preparing for a Canine Olympics Marathon Team tryout. She effortlessly lopes through the dog park before vigorously honing her skills on the canine agility course. Next, she enjoys a fast-paced game of fetch with your family. Currently, though, your impressive canine athlete is mending from leg surgery, so she’s running in her dog dreams. You know dogs’ recoveries can receive a kick-start from targeted physical therapies. You’re familiar with massage therapy and water therapy. Your Glendale vet can discuss techniques that might help Bindi recuperate smoothly.

Beneficial Physical Therapies

Your vet will manage your dog’s physical therapy program. Although many pet owners are familiar with massage therapy and water therapy, other treatment modalities are also useful. Ask about veterinary acupuncture, electrical therapy, ultrasound, heat and cold therapy, and targeted stretching.

Two dogs might see different benefits from the same technique. Generally speaking, both canines might experience increased mobility and strength; and they could feel less pain. Since Bindi has gained several pounds from inactivity, you’re pleased that her therapies might help her to slim down. Her physical therapy regimen can prepare her to return to her favorite activities.

Widely Available Therapeutic Massage

You have several satisfying experiences with professional therapeutic massage. Your beneficial sessions helped to lower your stress level, and they might support healing of injured tissues. Although you believe Bindi will see similar results, she’s blissfully stretched out on the massage table, making her unavailable for comment.

Since your canine companion has reached middle age, she’s prone to age-linked joint problems. Therapeutic massages can also produce results here. Selected general veterinary practices, specialty hospitals, and canine therapy centers offer this valuable service. Some facilities provide targeted deep tissue massage.

Soothing Warm-Water Therapies

Bindi is beside herself with excitement about her warm-water therapy sessions. She happily splashes in the pool, bettering her range of motion as the water’s buoyancy cushions her body. The liquid’s gentle resistance helps her to improve her blood circulation and make her muscles stronger.

The underwater treadmill is like a handful of tasty dog treats. She enjoys padding along without placing stress on her muscles, joints, and bones. She steadily increases her stamina and strength as her dog-loving therapist praises her.

To learn how targeted physical therapies can improve your canine housemate’s life, contact your Glendale vet for expert advice.

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