The Most Talkative Birds

Have you always been fascinated by birds that talk? Our feathered friends are very unique in their ability to mimic human speech. Different species of birds vary wildly in their vocalization habits. Some are very quiet, while others are quite chatty! In this article, your Glendale vet lists some of the most talkative bird species.

Amazon Parrots

There are many subspecies of the Amazon parrot, with several of them ranking high in speech capability. The Yellow-Naped, Yellow-Crowned, Mexican Red-Headed, Mealy, Double Yellow-Headed, and Blue-Fronted are all renowned for their ability to talk. These birds are all fairly large, ranging from 13 to 17 inches in size, which makes them generally better suited for houses than apartments. Aside from speech, these brightly hued beauties are moderately noisy.

African Grey Parrots

Both the Congo and Timneh subspecies are known for being super intelligent. These lovely birds are among the most talkative pet birds, and have an amazing capacity for learning vocabulary. Some African Greys can learn up to 1500 words! African Greys have a mischievous streak, and have been known to taunt dogs by mimicking the voices of their humans! If you want a pet that can sing along to your favorite song, the African Grey is a good choice for you! African Greys are usually between 11 and 13 inches long, and are generally suitable for apartment living.


Parakeets are very popular pets, and it isn’t hard to see why. These colorful birds are small to medium in size, and do fine in apartments. Playful and adorable, parakeets have excellent speech capabilities. The Budgerigar, Quaker, and Alexandrine parakeets are all known for their chattiness. The Indian Ring-Necked parakeet is also very talkative.
These are just a few types of birds that talk. Some other talkative birds are the Mynah, Hawk-Headed Parrot, and Eclectus Parrot. Keep in mind that speech capacity varies with individual birds. There are never any guarantees that an individual bird will ever talk. Also, keep in mind that many parrots can live up to 50 years. Before adopting one, be sure you can commit to your feathered pal for its entire lifespan. These colorful avian pals form very strong bonds with their humans, and can be very upset by a change of ownership.

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