Why Your Dog Has Decided to Ignore His Food

Your Labrador retriever Jackson has always been friendly with his food. In fact, your ravenous pooch loves his kibbles so much that he gobbles them up within minutes. Recently, though, your healthy-eating dog has been leaving a good portion of his meals in the bowl. You wonder if this drastic change might indicate a medical problem; and you’re also worried that he isn’t getting the proper nutrition. Tomorrow, Jackson will visit your North Phoenix veterinary clinic for a complete physical exam. The vet will also provide him with expert nutritional counseling.

Substandard Food Choice

Although Jackson receives a top-quality diet, his dry kibble blend might have passed its expiration date. It’s even possible that the food has spoiled without your knowledge. Regardless of the reason, your discerning pooch has no intention of consuming that unpalatable substance.

Table Scrap and Treat Addiction

Everyone knows that Labs love to eat. Jackson is no exception, and he’s perfectly happy to explore any food source that presents itself. While meal prep scraps are acceptable, he’d much rather engage in some table begging, as the payoff is better. Your canine companion also enjoys browbeating your family and guests for treats. Both practices make him unwilling to consume his own diet, and these extra calories can lead to unwelcome weight gain.

Uncomfortable Dental Condition

Your poor dog might be concealing a painful dental problem that makes him reluctant to eat. You might see mouth or facial sores, foreign objects, or damaged teeth. However, don’t try to examine your canine housemate’s mouth, as he won’t cooperate and might become irritable. Instead, ask your vet to safely evaluate your pooch and provide treatment. Once Jackson feels better, he’ll likely chow down on his food again.

Try a Simple Solution

By improving the food’s quality, your dog might be more willing to consume it. Spoon warm water over the dry kibbles, giving them a better smell and taste. Or, if the vet approves, add a touch of canned wet food. Heat the contents slightly, but don’t burn your dog’s sensitive mouth.

Once Jackson returns to his food, allow him to dine without distractions. Give him praise for emptying his bowl. Your North Phoenix veterinary clinic vet will be happy that your kibble-loving pooch has resumed eating. If your dog isn’t interested in his food, contact us for expert assistance.


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