Is Your Pet Bird Getting Sick?

Your pet cockatiel Coco could have quite a vocalist career. This cheery avian companion brightens up your mornings, whistling up a storm while hopping to her cage side to greet you. While your four-year-old bird has always been healthy, her feathers have recently become unkempt and messy, like she hasn’t bothered to groom herself. Coco has also been sleeping a lot, and she mostly ignores her food and water. You’re concerned that she’s developing a medical condition. This afternoon, your Glendale vet will diagnose and treat your bird’s puzzling symptoms.

Respiratory Concerns

Coco’s respiratory functions certainly don’t seem normal. She’s breathing with an open mouth, and her tail rises and falls with each breath. She seems to be wheezing, and her altered vocalizations make her sound like a totally different bird. You can also see a discharge on the feathers that surround her nostrils. You suspect that her respiratory system is under some distress. She needs immediate veterinary attention.

Neurological Symptoms

Coco looks a little unsteady on her feet, and she’s had a hard time remaining on her perch. In fact, she has already fallen over several times today. Twice, you’ve seen your exhausted-looking bird sitting on her cage floor, not moving at all. If she’s experiencing a neurological problem, she could even suffer a seizure or become unconscious. Get your bird to the vet without delay.

Strange-Looking Eyes

Your bird’s bright-looking eyes have become cloudy and dull, making her look like she’s barely awake. Her eyes have taken on a reddish tint, and you can clearly see some eye discharge. When you look directly at your under-the-weather bird, she shows some puffiness around both of her eyes. Ask your vet to determine the underlying cause of these eye abnormalities.

Lackluster Feathers and Skin

Coco prides herself on her colorful, nicely preened feathers. Lately, though, she looks like she abandoned her grooming shop appointments, and her coat has become dull and unappealing. She has regularly been losing feathers, and she has been chewing on the remaining plumage, causing several noticeable bald spots. Her skin has also become flaky, and her beak color and texture are drastically different.

Your Glendale vet will uncover the cause of your bird’s troubling symptoms, and he’ll prescribe an appropriate treatment plan. If your bird’s appearance and actions aren’t quite right, call us for expert assistance.

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