Secret Meanings Behind Your Dog’s Cutest Habits

Man’s Best Friend has been with us for a very long time, and we’ve been charmed over and over again by his adorable mannerisms. But what do those endearing behaviors mean? Below, your vet Glendale explains the meaning behind some of Fido’s cutest habits.

Tail Chasing

Remember how fun it was to spin in circles as a kid and make yourself dizzy? Tail chasing is often a playful doggy equivalent of that exact same thing. Sometimes, however, Fido might not be chasing his tail for amusement. Dogs with obsessive-compulsive disorders sometimes chase their tails as a nervous habit. Anal gland issues or fleas can also be behind your canine pal’s spin cycle.

The Head Tilt

The head tilt is undeniably one of Fido’s most adorable mannerisms. Dogs tend to project a question with this cute habit. What did you say? Are you getting me a treat? Many behaviorists agree that dogs usually do this when trying to understand something. Sometimes, however, inner ear problems can be behind this lovable gesture.


Does your dog love to shower you with affection … literally? Our canine buddies certainly aren’t shy about giving kisses. Actually, puppy kisses may very well rank as one of the best things in life. While your dog is probably showing his love for you, he may be licking you for other reasons. Dogs learn a lot about people from scent and taste, so those happy licks might be his way of determining your mood. He could also be showing domination over you, or even trying to groom you!

Tail Wagging

The tail wag is more or less universally recognized as Fido’s ‘Happy Meter’. Tail wagging, however, can also be Fido’s way of releasing information out into the world. Wagging stimulates anal glands, which will then secrete scents. To other dogs, this is the equivalent of a social media status update: “I’m happy! I’m playful! I’m single and looking for romance.”

Turning In Circles

Does your pooch sometimes make a few turns on the carpet before plopping down for a nap? Many experts agree that this habit is a holdover from the days when Fido lived in the wild. Dogs learned long ago that turning in circles will stamp down brush and grass into a little bed.

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