Canine Hot Spots

“Hot Spot” is a collective term for acute moist dermatitis. A number of conditions can cause hot spots but the most common underlying cause is canine allergies with a hereditary disposition. Self-trauma due to recurrent itching often results in secondary skin lesions, or, “hot spots”. Along with the hot spot, there can be salivary staining of the hair, hair loss, scabs, crust, sores, hyperpigmentation, and thickened skin. Secondary infections from surface skin bacteria as well as fungal or yeast infections are common. Prevention may include bathing every seven days with a hypoallergenic shampoo which can aid in washing off pollen and soothing skin infections. Hot moist weather and thick dirty hair coats seem to add to this problem. If you are having a problem your veterinarian may be able to help.

Robert J. Thrift D.V.M.

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